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About us

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Why? Yaake?

Youngsters. Youths. As cool as it may sound, it’s not easy to live through this phase. Though we enjoy it a lot and have so much fun, one constant question keeps buzzing around our heads. “What next?, What are we gonna do in life?”

And when parental and societal pressure adds up to this, jeez, our thoughts freeze and buffer like a website with a slow internet connection. And that’s when the idea of “Just Buffer” embarked onto our minds.

This website exists to remind each and every one of you that “buffering” is okay! Just love the process and that will take you to greater heights!

Who? Yaaru?

We are a bunch of friends ranging from first benchers to last benchers, who, irrespective of their versatile interests, collectively have a passion to be different from the average crowd.

From? ಎಲ್ಲಿಂದ?

Doing complete justice to the city our brand was born in, we are yet another start-up from the start-up capital of India, Namma Bengaluru. We are as energetic as the pubs and as cool as the gardens and aim to be as busy as the traffic.

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